Core Values


Centennial Baptist Church Core Values:

God wants us to become a Church with the following values:

Biblical Faithfulness: We value Biblical Preaching and Teaching. Scripture is our roadmap for life and the final authority in all matters. It is every believer's responsibility to diligently study the Bible and seek the Holy Spirit's guidance in daily life.
Discipleship: We value the cultivation of people. We are committed to helping people grow and develop into mature, fully devoted followers of Jesus. We encourage believers to pray, to apply Scripture to daily life, and to exercise their God-given spiritual gifts.

Prayer: We value a rich prayer life. We believe that prayer is essential in seeking God's desires for our church and our lives. We rely on personal and corporate prayer in the conception, planning, and execution of all ministries and activities of our church.
Outreach: We value reaching out with the Good News. We believe that as part of an intentional lifestyle of bringing others to Christ, we are each called to develop genuine relationships with those around us and to extend invitations, one by one, to experience God's grace.

Team Ministry: We value serving together. We believe that God has placed within each believer specific passions, gifts, and abilities. His plan for meeting people's needs involves the active participation of every believer in a team effort that brings glory to God.
Fellowship: We value the company of each other. God created us to have meaningful fellowship with Himself and others. Our ministries and activities are directed by the understanding that spiritual growth, accountability, and ministry take place in the context of relationships.

Authentic Worship: We value Worshiping God in Spirit and in Truth. We acknowledge God's sovereignty and declare His supreme value, worth, and impact in our lives through personal and corporate worship.
Strong Families: We value the Family Unit. We believe that families and singles are significant in God's eyes and that the family is one of God's most dynamic means to live and model the Christian life. We strive to strengthen, restore, and protect families and singles through our ministries and activities.

Ministry Excellence: We value a spirit of excellence. We believe that God is worthy of our very best and calls us to do everything for His glory. Therefore, a growing spirit of excellence should permeate every activity and ministry.

Spiritual Transformation: We value transformed lives. We believe that our effectiveness as a church is centered around supernatural change in the lives of people who have a vital relationship with Jesus Christ and a growing awareness of His grace.
Cultural Relevance: We value being relevant in our Jerusalem. Just as Paul was willing to adapt his methods for reaching people without compromising the Gospel, we believe that contextual strategies should be used to reach our community. We will strive diligently to understand the lifestyles and needs of those in our community so that the Word of God can be shared in a language they understand.